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Faculty of Civil Engineering Osijek

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In 1967 the need for civil engineering experts in the Slavonia and Baranya region called for the establishment of the department of the Technical college Zagreb in Osijek. Already in 1976 the local professionals and personnel, engaged in the teaching at the department, founded the High technical school of the University of Osijek, which in the same year joined the University as its memeber.


At first the school acted independently and then within the School of civil engineering in Osijek. In the mid-1982 it started to exist autonomously as a High civil engineering school Osijek. The brief period of independent activity was used for preparatory actions for the establishment of the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Osijek as an organizational part of the Civil Engineering Institute Zagreb.


As an organizational part of Civil Engineering Institute Zagreb and at the same time a member of the University of Osijek, the new university organization began to work in early 1983 as a BOAL Faculty of Civil Engineering Science, University of Osijek. It existed in this organizational form until June 1991 when it became independent. Since February 1992 it has been functioning autonomously, as the Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Josip Juraj Strossmayer in Osijek.


During the past 30 years higher education of Osijek engineers was passing through dynamic organizational changes which brought about various study programs of undergraduate university and undergraduate professional studies.


Until 1986 the Faculty obtained the verification to structure and carry out the undergraduate professional studies, after which a great number of local students continued their study at the Zagreb study of Construction organization organized in Osijek, or other specialistic studies in Zagreb.


The Faculty received the verification to perform studies of then VII /1 level in 1986, when the first students were enrolled in the program of general civil engineering study.


From the academic year 2001/2002 the Faculty also enrolled students of research postgraduate master's studies, specializations in Structures and Construction organization.


In 2005 the faculty received a permit to perform the contemporary studies of Civil Engineering conformed to the Bologna Declaration at all levels: undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate (doctoral) university studies and undergraduate professional studies of civil engineering.


These courses were completed by many trained engineers (so far 1117), graduate civil engineers ( 434), Masters of Civil Engineering ( 5) and doctors of technical sciences (5) who were hired and still work in the area of the east-slavonian macroregion, and only partly in other parts of Croatia, the neighboring states and around the world.


Certificate ISO 9001

Certificate number 44 100 071509

The Faculty of Civil engineering operates a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of HRN EN ISO 9001:2000 in the field of university undergradutate, graduate and postgraduate education of civil engineers, lifelong education and professional training, scientific research and professional work.